Dr. Pratt Have you ever wondered... Why do people in some countries enjoy vitality, long life, beautiful skin and hair… while others suffer from chronic desease, weight problems and poor skin?

The scientists at SuperFoodsRx have identified nutrients from 24 SuperFoods that can make all the difference and incorporated them into a ground-breaking nutritional supplement.
Increases Energy
Nutrients and antioxidants in the SuperFoods have been shown to decrease symptions of fatigue
Makes dieting more effective
SuperFoods can help reduce your appetite, boost your metabolism and lose unwanted body fat!
Strengthens immune system
In addition to fighting illness, SuperFoods have also been linked to a lower incidence of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Improves Appearance
There are several key micro-nutrients in the SuperFoods that can help to improve your complexion and beautify your hair and nails.
Reduces stress & improves memory
Premium Omega 3 found in SuperFoods has been proven to reduce stress, even out mood-swings and improve your memory and focus.
Real Success Stories
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"Thank you for turning my life around. Thank you for giving me this energy to make my family happy. SuperFoods is awesome. It's completely changed me"
Carrie K. | Age 40
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"..the SuperFoods supplement has been a god-send to me. I feel so much better. I feel more alert. I'm happier, I laugh more. I just have that zest for life that I seemed to be lacking before.
Ryan G.. | Age 45
A precise array of micro-nutrients & anti-oxidants found in the 24 Super Foods.
Your complete daily requirement of vitamins & minerals
Premium EPA/DHA Omega 3 fish oil
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